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Baddy is expanding into an Apparel company that collaborates with local NL artists to create a unique blend of Urban Wear and NL Culture. While sticking to the fundamentals that got us here: Shameless. Saucy. Affordable. Customized products.


Sailor Danny's Art


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Kyle Callahan Photography

One of Baddy's business partners in "INVASION", our shop located in Posie Row at 210-214 Duckworth. Kyle has been mixing pop culture with the local scenery for a decade. Famous for his Godzilla prints (Among others), now you'll be able to get select designs on apparel.


Baddy. Designs and Custom Work.

Baddy will continue doing what it does: Making whatever the hell they think looks good. As well as making you your own custom designs; Whether its custom shirts for a bachelorette party, your small business, or a one off designs you've been thinking about. We do it. (minimum orders of $50 required. Request a quote.)




Shameless. Saucy. Geeky. Customized.
Mugs. Wine Glasses. Beer Steins. Pint Glasses.

Done with Vinyl or Glass etched. We also do custom projects for wedding parties, bars, and more.

Find our selection at our shop "INVASION". 210 Duckworth St, Johns. Fourth floor above Posie Row and Co. Or catch us at markets and events such as Sci-fi On the Rock, or Atlanticon where we have our widest selection.


(We do not ship glassware, sorry. Unless you like receiving a box full of mug shards and the worst 3D puzzle ever. Then maybe it can be arranged)

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Baddy started as a side hustle...

It grew to a point where a decision needed to be made: continue the corporate oilfield gig and risk having the last pieces of my soul sapped away, or put all of my effort into something I enjoyed doing. In the end, the latter won.

I'm a Maker. Not an artist. I want my stuff to look good, and when you see it, or own it, it makes you feel good.

It's not about making it big. It's not about becoming a Fortune 500 company. But it's also not about working less.

Its about doing what I want. Feeling good about what I do. Being a more enjoyable part of my family because of that. Caring about people and the things around me. Pouring everything I have into it, and being the real me. The real fucking me.

Baddy is not simply a glassware company or an apparel company. It'll likely be ever fluid. Trying new things. New projects for work or pleasure. The level of hustle stays the same and It's always open for collaboration. But in reality, no one knows what is to come from Baddy yet. Least of all, me

- Jerry.